Coloürs agency’s Cory Crespo and Jorge Mondragón reveal their top three sources of creativity

Mondra y Cory, founders of idea strategy, marketing, and celebrity management agency Coloürs, will teach a masterclass at Dalia Empower.

26 de enero de 2022
Foto: Dalia Empower
Foto: Dalia Empower

MEXICO CITY. Curiosity to find out more about new things, experience, and practicing trial and error are essential to promote creativity, according to Jorge Mondragón and Cory Crespo, the leaders of idea strategy, marketing, and celebrity management agency Coloürs, who manage celebrities such as Karla Souza, Martha Higareda, Diego Boneta and Oscar Jaenada.

Crespo and Mondragón have also created festivals and initiatives such as Winter Beach, Fashion Week, Advertising Week, and VidCon. In their agency, founded in 2002, they’ve joined together Jorge’s more than 25 years of experience in the world of entertainment and Cory’s business and strategic knowledge. Now, they’ve set out on a new project -this time an academic one- alongside Dalia Empower, the continuing education digital platform focused on women and specialized in life skills.

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Together, they will teach a masterclass at [Dalia Masters] ( on the business of selling ideas, which will be available on February 7th, 2022 online and on-demand, so that everyone will be able to take it when and where they choose to.

“Curiosity is essential for creativity: exploring, observing, and digging deep. It also has to do with your environment: if you’re surrounded by children, you’ll come up with ideas for children. Everything is related to your environment,” says Coloürs president Cory Crespo, who has a long career in brand positioning and creation of business platforms.

“Creativity comes from experience, from trial and error, from projects that are your own and experiencing things first-hand,” claims renowned entrepreneur and talent manager Jorde Mondragón, Crespo’s partner. Rock bands such as Caifanes and Café Tacuba have been part of his story as a manager. With Gael García Bernal he began a career managing actors.

By teaching this class, where they will share their experience and knowledge, they’ll join personalities such as Hans Backhoff, CEO of Monte Xanic; Silvina Moschini, president of Transparent Business; communicator Paola Rojas; or Billy and Fernando Rovzar, producers of Netflix’s TV series Monarca and Control Z, who’ve taken the role of professors for Dalia Masters.

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Cory Crespo majored in finance administration and built his career in the area of marketing, working for brands such as Unilever or the Global Innovation Center in Buenos Aires. Coca-Cola, Sony, and Mercedes-Benz are among his clients in Coloürs. He believes that observing and exploring are required to stimulate creativity, as well as making curiosity a daily practice. He claims that to generate good ideas, it’s important to go through many bad ideas and to enjoy every part of the process, even the stressful ones.

Jorge Mondragón started his long and respected career in the party planning business. He then became the manager of many music bands from the Rock en Tu Idioma movement in the 80s and 90s. In the acting business, he’s managed the careers of celebrities such as Diego Luna, Ana de la Reguera, or Ana Claudia Talancón. Nowadays, as a partner in Coloürs, he creates events such as Advertising Week. Mondragón also believes that constant experimentation and trial and error are essential to being creative. “I believe [that creativity] is nourished by life, culture, and the information you possess,” he said to Dalia.

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The way they generate ideas, spot business opportunities, and implement the different platforms they work with at their agency are some of the topics Cory and Jorge will tackle in Dalia Masters, a masterclass program for life skills, the most sought-after skills in the job market nowadays. Among them are resilience, creative thinking, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.

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