We asked 12 women in leadership positions what skills do new leaders need to be unstoppable in the business world?

If you want to master those skills

Get to know the ADN program: Reach your true potential

ADN Program

ADN is the program for women seeking to reach their true potential

This program is for you if…

You seek to develop new skills and update easily and quickly

You want to strengthen your leadership skills

You are looking to expand your professional network

You need the guide from expert mentors

You want to learn how to persuade and negotiate to influence others with a positive impact


Program Approach


Think, lead and manage using your skills to reach your full potential


Strengthen your position within your organization or company


dentify and manage your emotions to improve your decision making


Learn to turn difficulties into opportunities


Learn to persuade and negotiate to influence others with a positive impact


Discover the keys to an accelerated future and identify unexpected possibilities


Networking to build successful businesses and lives

7 modules

To boost your strengths, develop skills and positively transform your life

adn cards

Emotional Intelligence

    Develop skills that allow you to connect with others in an intentional, inclusive and positive way.
adn cards

Self-knowledge and
Inner Power

    Develop your ability to act and make decisions to enhance your strengths and your professional growth
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    Authentic negotiation techniques applicable to daily life and the professional field.
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    Build a personal network to generate new channels of communication and business.

Program Details

Dalia ADN

What's included?

51-HOUR program

3-month duration

Advisory: 2 personalized sessions and 2 group sessions.

Networking sessions

7 Learning modules

Online program

3, 6 or 12 interest-free monthly payments

Didactic materials to support your learning experience

Young Promises

ADN Program

Reach your true potential

Do you want to boost your professional development?

  • Schedule a free consultation and discover what skills you need to develop if you want to take your life and career plan to the next level.

Dalia ADN

    ¿Qué incluye?
  • Horas
  • Programa de 51 HORAS

  • Duración
  • 3 meses de duración

  • Advisory
  • Advisory: 2 Sesiones personalizadas y 2 Sesiones grupales.

  • Newtworking
  • Sesiones de Networking

ADN Program: Reach your true potential

Do you want to be part of the women who are changing the face of leadership?
Think, lead and manage using your skills to reach your true potential

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