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Dalia is a community that helps you grow

More than 1500 women have started their transformation, as part of our network, they are beginning to create their story of success.

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Empower yourself

Become a live example and make everyone talk about you by discovering the leader mentality that makes you a woman with power.

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Develop yourself

Be more competitive and feel confident to take any opportunity by developing your Life Skills and working on your leadership.

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Grow exponentially surrounded by knowledge, experiences and people who accompany you to find the right track for you.


The only methodology that focuses on the transformation of the professional and personal world of women.

Are you preparing yourself to move into a leadership role and you want to break through the glass ceiling? Do you want to increase your ability to lead, negotiate and influence with impact?



If you want to change the professional and personal path without having an individual transformation is very complex.



At Dalia, we know what a truly Power Woman is, that is why we help you to find your own style of leadership.



We accompany you on your path to develop Life Skills, as well as in the validation process of your strategy to avhieve an accelerated growth.

They have the voice

Stories of Success

they have lived a metamorphosis and achieved what they are looking for.


Maribel Monterrubio

Since I was a little girl I had the dream of transforming my country, I really wanted to contribute and do something that would really make a difference and through Dalia Empower I discovered how.


Marión Ormeño

I invite all the people who are like I was at one point with a dream to dare and go out and find in Dalia the tools that they feel they need to be able to successfully develop a project.


Teresa Zorrilla

Being inspired by other women, learning through their experiences, understanding and hearing that they have been through the same things that you have, is priceless.


Fabiola Ortíz

Not only did my colleagues from the program become my friends, but they are a key part of the strategic alliances that my companies have today.


Guadalupe Rincón

The DNA program helped me realize many things that I needed and many things that I had but hadn't noticed.


Laura Elena

It helped me in a personal way, it also gave me tools to be able to talk in the same way with my children and with my husband, who is also an entrepreneur.

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in breaking the glass ceiling

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If you want to be a Power Woman, Dalia Empowerment is your place

Your transformation begins today. To apply to Dalia it is essential to have a selection call.

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A global project of continuing education that supports women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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