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We are an inclusive training and development center for women who want to reach leadership positions and achieve their goals


Equip women through an educational and social platform, so that they discover and use their own power, achieve their personal and professional goals, and have a positive impact on their environment.


Be a global leader in the development of talent for equality, inclusion and women’s leadership.


DALIA EMPRENDE: Entrepreneurship and Creativity Bootcamp

The Marketing and Ideas Workshop is the first course of this program. It is focused on developing the value proposition of your company.


Is a program specially designed for women leaders or those who have an interest in reaching strategic positions

Workshop + Action ¡Reinvéntate! Cámbiate al sector privado

Este curso te ayudará a identificar y promover oportunidades para transitar con éxito entre el sector público y el sector privado.

Workshop + Action Stress-free mindfulness en la oficina

Este Workshop + Action, te dará las herramientas para practicar mindfulness en tu vida profesional y estar presente en todo momento.

Women in Leadership: Líderes del Futuro

El curso de Líderes del Futuro está diseñado para acompañarte en la transformación hacia un liderazgo innovador para enfrentar los desafíos tecnológicos, sociales y económicos del futuro.
Every women has power within them. At Dalia Empower, we teach you to strengthen it.
To transform the world there is no small effort and together, we will achieve it sooner.

Our Strategic Allies