Talent, not fame, is the true value: this is how renowned creative and marketing agency Coloürs works

Jorge Mondragón and Cory Crespo lead Coloürs, one of the most important idea, marketing, and celebrity management agencies in Mexico.

13 de febrero de 2022
Foto: Dalia Empower
Foto: Dalia Empower

MEXICO CITY. In the era of social media, everyone wants to be seen, but ‘Insta-celebs’ are short-lived, says renowned celebrity manager Jorge Mongragón, who was worked with the likes of celebrities such as Karla Souza, Martha Higareda, Diego Boneta, and Gael García, and who leads Coloürs, one of Mexico’s top idea, marketing, and celebrity management agencies.

Mondragón told Dalia Empower that social media are the showcase everyone wants to be seen, but only talent has value. This is why he doesn’t work with celebrities whose only value lies in their social media.

‘Talent in the business of ideas’, a masterclass with Jorge Mondragón and Cory Crespo, from creative, marketing, and celebrity management agency Coloürs

“Everyone wants to be someone, everyone wants to belong, everyone wants to be seen, everyone wants to be linked, everyone wants to be accepted and included […] I don’t work or try not to work with artists whose worth lies in social media, I work with artists whose worth is in their talent. The artist that’s worth for their social media, is short-lived, I believe”, he stated.

Alongside Cory Crespo, his partner at Coloürs, they lead the 20-year-old agency, whose main differentiating factor is that it joins together Mondragon’s two-decade experience in the entertainment industry, and Cory’s brand-positioning and creativity knowledge.

Among the agency’s talents are actors and actresses such as Aislinn Derbez, Camila Sodi, and Andrés Almeida. They’ve also created events like Winter Beach, Advertising Week, and Fashion Week, and Coca-Cola, Sony, and Mercedes-Benz are among the brands they work with.

Also, Mondra and Cory -as they’re better known- are teaching the ‘Talent in the business of ideas’ masterclass at Dalia Masters, a program created by continuing education platform Dalia Empower, which specializes in life skills or soft skills. These skills have become the most sought-after in the job market due to the acceleration of technology and digitization because of the pandemic.

Cory Crespo, who has built his career in marketing in organizations such as Unilever or the Innovation Global Center in Buenos Aires, mentioned that social media have helped amplify people who lack talent, but their lasting power is short-lived because people value content and credibility more.

“I believe that fame comes as a consequence of two things: first, it’s a consequence of talent, and in that sense, social media can help amplify that talent, although fame can also come from not having talent but being strong on social media. You can also be famous without talent but I believe that credibility and talent are being valued more and more each day even if the fame factor isn’t there”, he said to News+Media, Dalia’s information and news platform.

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In that sense, Mondra explained that those who take their ‘Talent in the business of ideas’ will find the keys to identifying talent, working with it, as well as generating great ideas and putting them into action together.

“It’s about identifying ideas and executing them. Thinking of ideas is easy, what’s hard is putting them into action. How to think of ideas that have potential, how to join the talent world with the brand world to create platforms, to create concepts that work in all these different areas. Whoever takes our class will better understand how this three-ring circus works, from fashion and music to entertainment and sports”, Mondragón points out.

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This class is part of the Dalia Masters program, which includes classes from instructors such as Hans Backhoff, CEO of Monte Xanic; Silvina Moschini, the first woman in Latin America to turn her startup into a ‘unicorn’, communicator Paola Rojas, or Billy and Fernando Rovzar, producers of Netflix’s TV series Monarca and Control Z. There are also eClasses and programs that cover topics such as leadership, time management, digital entrepreneurship, or personal finances.

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