Privacy Policy

DALIA WOMEN, S.A.P.I. DE C.V., (hereinafter“Dalia Empower” ), located in Av. Constituyentes 1070, second floor, Colonia Lomas Altas, delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico, puts at your disposal the following:

Privacy Policy

For the legal effects that may arise, “Dalia Empower” makes the knowledge that the information provided by our customers suppliers and interested parties (hereinafter “The owner”) in their capacity as owners of personal data (“the data” ) are guarded and protected, in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its Regulations, so that it guarantees the confidentiality of“the data” protecting them, with administrative, technical and physical security measures, to avoid its damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or undue disclosure and under the principles of lawfulness, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility.

The data we require from the “ owner” are the following (which will be referred to as“the data” ):

Clients (people who purchase the services offered by“Dalia Empower” ) are: name, address, telephone, email and federal taxpayer registration, in order to provide the services requested to “Dalia Empower” , as well as for purposes of marketing, advertising and, therefore, measure the quality of the service and satisfaction of each “client” .

Suppliers ( people who provide services or supply products in favor of“Dalia Empower” ) are: name, telephone, handwritten signature, address, bank account number, interbank and bank swift account or clabe, Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), email and data of the person (s) that will serve as contact (s), to comply with the existing contractual relationship with them, for the supply of products and services in favor of“Dalia Empower” .

Interested parties ( people who contact “Dalia Empower” through the website : [hereinafter “the portal” ), are: name and email address to answer questions or comments expressed or to send newsletters about the services of“Dalia Empower” .

“The owner” expressly accepts that, by providing “ the data” , consents that “Dalia Empower” safeguards, custody and manages “the data” even as “the owner” writes out his refusal through the procedure and means referred to in this privacy notice.

Based on Article 37 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, “data” of “clients”, “suppliers” and “interested parties” may be transferred to consolidated entities, subsidiary companies or those entities that form part of the same commercial group of “Dalia Empower” in Mexican territory and abroad, as well as before authorities or government agencies, with the general objective of complying with the obligations set by fiscal, civil laws or judicial or administrative orders and for marketing and advertising purposes.

In compliance with and compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its regulations, “the owner” may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (“rights arco“) to the treatment of “the data“, through the following procedure:

By means of a written request, subscribed in its own right or through a representative.

If you appear in your own right, you must attach a copy of an official identification (voter card or passport); in case of appearing by means of a representative, he must show a simple power of attorney signed before two witnesses, accompanied by a copy of the official identifications of “the owner“, the representative and the witnesses.

You must indicate the reasons and documents or evidence that motivate your request.

You must indicate an email address, to receive notifications related to the request for “arch rights“ .

Said request and the above-mentioned requirements, should be directed to the personal data protection area of “Dalia Empower” and send it through the email

“Dalia Empower” will confirm the receipt of the request for “arch rights” in the same way, in the event that 3 (three) business days without any manifestation, it will be understood that it has not been received and “the owner” must forward it by the same means, for confirmation. Confirmed receipt of the request, the area of ​​protection of personal data of “Dalia Empower” will have a term of 20 (twenty) business days to answer about the origin or inadmissibility of it; In the event that your application is appropriate for the respective area, you will have 15 (fifteen) business days to grant the request. In case the information is not clear or sufficient, “Dalia Empower” will require what is necessary, what the “owner” will have to answer as requested, within a period of 5 (five) business days, in case of not doing it in time and form, it will be considered as not having submitted the application .

In case of any modification to this privacy notice , “Dalia Empower” will inform you of this through the portal:

“Dalia Empower” informs users of “the portal” (hereinafter the “user/users“), which, during access or browsing, may use cookies or web beacons: i) cookies, which is a small file stored on the hard disk of a computer and that contains particular characters of the “user” browser, as well as information on the use that this one gives to “the portal”, from the different servers operated by “Dalia Empower” or from third parties that provide us services. Cookies only associate the browser of a computer, but not the name and surnames of the “user” and with it you can recognize it by your browser so that you do not have to register or re-enter your data in the “portal”, as well as to know the number of times a “user” accesses “the portal“. Each “user” can configure their browser to receive notices about cookies and prevent their installation on the hard disk, see the manual of your computer. It is not necessary that the “user” allows the installation of the cookies sent to navigate in “the portal“, the only consequence is that the “user” registers or places his data each time he accesses “the portal“. ii) Web beacons, which allow it to transfer or collect information through a graphic image, on the number of visitors; so “Dalia Empower” can collect information about the browsing activity of the “user“, time and browsing environment, only and exclusively to understand the traffic of visits, the way in which the “user” interacts in “the portal” , improve navigation “the portal” and the services and / or products advertised in it, and where appropriate, improve the site, review and analyze patterns, reports, research, statistics and advertising audits for “Dalia Empower” or your advertisers, without in any way sharing information that identifies the “user” personally.