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Gina Diez Barroso

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Power Woman =Conscious Mind + Leadership + Connections + Strategy


Our methodology works on these 4 pillars


A woman begins by working on her mind to change her limiting beliefs and perspectives. At Dalia we create a transformation effect by accompanying each woman to create the foundation of a leader's mentality based on the understanding of the importance of lifeskills.



Acknowledge the leadership style that defines you to strengthen the necessary tools to achieve mastery of lifeskills that help you chart your own path.


Value Connections

We seek that each connection has a high value and encourages a positive impact by creating opportunities to accelerate your professional and personal growth and development.


Position and Strategy

We accelerate the design and validation of a personalized strategy with real experiences in the world of professional leadership to identify your purpose and project your life and career plan.


Dalia Empower is a true methodology of growth and self-discovery

To transform your life through the mastery of life skills, with valuable connections and a unique strategy that directs you to your professional and personal achievements

They have the voice

Stories of Success

they have lived a metamorphosis and achieved what they are looking for.


Maribel Monterrubio

Since I was a little girl I had the dream of transforming my country, I really wanted to contribute and do something that would really make a difference and through Dalia Empower I discovered how.


Marión Ormeño

I invite all the people who are like I was at one point with a dream to dare and go out and find in Dalia the tools that they feel they need to be able to successfully develop a project.


Teresa Zorrilla

Being inspired by other women, learning through their experiences, understanding and hearing that they have been through the same things that you have, is priceless.


Fabiola Ortíz

Not only did my colleagues from the program become my friends, but they are a key part of the strategic alliances that my companies have today.


Guadalupe Rincón

The DNA program helped me realize many things that I needed and many things that I had but hadn't noticed.


Laura Elena

It helped me in a personal way, it also gave me tools to be able to talk in the same way with my children and with my husband, who is also an entrepreneur.

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A global project of continuing education that supports women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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