Being a part of Dalia Empower means belonging to a community, where you can find people, testimonies, learning, challenges, dreams, and many other things that help you experience a personal and a professional transformation.

Aurora Monjaraz

First Generation DNA, Advisor in Educational Links Institute, A.C.

The DNA has meant an important improvement in my leadership, strategy and planning skills, for the attainment of results, creativity in business, communication and empathy, at both personal and professional levels.

Yatzhira Camacho

First Generation DNA, Business Development Manager at Apollo Communications.

The DNA program has helped me stop, observe and see where I want to head. It has forced me to take the next step and make decisions that we often postpone. Dalia inspires me and reminds me that I’m the owner of my present and my future.

Fernanda Merodio

First Generation DNA, Mr. Distribution Management at Hemisphere Media Group / Women in Media

The DNA changes your life. The tools, methods and mainly the network of women and men that support you by sharing their time, their knowledge and their expertise is essential for attaining your dreams.

Claudia Martínez

First Generation DNA, Manager of Services in Creasoft

Being part of Dalia Empower is a new experience that has exceeded my expectations. Taking the DNA program has given me a broader panorama without limits.

Aloha Meave

First Generation DNA, Head of Magnetic Resonance, National Institute of Cardiology