Dalia Women, S.A.P.I. de C.V. (in the conduct “Dalia Empower”), indicates the general terms and conditions (hereinafter the “terms and conditions”) applicable to the information offered by Dalia Empower within the site www.daliaempower.com (hereinafter the “portal“), in order to promote a safe and clear environment for users and visitors of the portal, which is done in the following terms:

  1. USE OF THE PORTAL. – Any person who accesses or uses the portal acquires the nature of a user and therefore, voluntarily expresses its will to the terms and conditions that govern the portal, in terms of what is established in the articles. 1803 and 1834 Bis of the Federal Civil Code and other relative and applicable of the Mexican legislation in force.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must refrain from using and / or viewing the portal.

  1. ACCESS AND CONTENT OF THE PORTAL.- Access to the portal is free (except for the internet required by the user to navigate and it depends on the telecommunications network provider that each user hires) and its content is for informational purposes, being able to reproduce with non-profit purposes and with the quotation of the complete source and its electronic address, consequently, it is forbidden to use the content of the platform for profit, fraudulent purposes and in general to harm third parties.

Dalia Empower reserves the right to:

  1. Modify these terms and conditions of use, at any time, sufficing its publication in the portal, so it is the sole responsibility of each user to be informed of the modifications in each visit to the portal.


  1. Suspend or cancel the service, in case it detects any breach of these terms and conditions, other policies or the laws of the matter.
  2. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. – Intellectual property rights over the content of the portal, includes: distinctive signs such as trademarks, trade names and other elements that comprise it, in an enunciative and non-restrictive way: works, graphics, audios, videos, among others (hereinafter the “intellectual property rights”), which are the property of Dalia Empower or its licensors.

The use of the portal does not grant the user any right over intellectual property rights, only what is indicated in these terms and conditions, therefore, the user is expressly prohibited from disclosing, public communication, performance or representation, distribution, reproduction and in general the deformation, mutilation or alteration of intellectual property rights, and even use them to denigrate, discriminate, mock or otherwise affect the image of Dalia Empower or third parties.

  1. RESPONSIBILITY. – The content of the portal in no way should be considered as a course or advice, its purpose is merely informative, so it is advisable that before making decisions based on the content of the portal contact an expert for professional advice, consequently, the use of the content of the portal is the responsibility of the user and from this moment relieves any liability to Dalia Empower.

The portal is not exempt of errors or viruses, even if Dalia Empower uses security measures to reduce virus traffic and / or errors, therefore the use of the portal is the responsibility of each user, as well as having tools that protect your equipment or information, in no case will Dalia Empower respond for damage to equipment or loss or theft of information caused directly or indirectly by the portal.

Some contents of the portal may redirect to third party websites, which do not depend on Dalia Empower, therefore, the information and data that the user provides to other pages outside the portal, are the responsibility of each user, under the understanding that each one handles its own policies, terms and / or conditions.


In the event that the user is aware that the redirection to the website of third parties affect or harm users in any way, as it may contain illegal, violent, unlawful or inappropriate data, you may report it to info@daliaempower.com so that Dalia Empower take the necessary measures.


  1. PRIVACY. – The personal data that is provided to Dalia Empower will be managed and protected in terms of what is indicated in the Privacy Notice.


  1. GENERAL. – Any dispute about the terms and conditions will be subject to applicable laws and the competent courts of Mexico City, waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile.

In the event that any part of these terms and conditions is considered null or nonexistent, it will only affect the relevant part, the rest remaining.