Karla Horton

Develop your business model. What’s failure? You can achieve the type of company you dreamed of! These are some examples of courses and workshops offered for entrepreneurs looking to satisfy any immediate need. But, what about your team?

It’s common to think that entrepreneurship is like climbing a roller coaster, where the adrenaline is at its best. Sometimes the entrepreneur arrives at the top, where everything is going as planned, but at any moment has a fall and must find a way to climb back up.

Nowadays, courses taught for entrepreneurs focus on two areas: skills and emotions. In the first area the tools are taught to carry out certain activities that allow you to develop your enterprise. For example, a negotiation program. The second area is focused on strengthening emotions because, being on a roller coaster, the entrepreneur must continue with his goal despite the obstacles. Topics such as emotional intelligence and fear of failure are addressed. The common denominator of both proposals is that they are addressed to the person in charge.

It’s true that enduring such ups and downs of emotions so sudden and constant build the character of a successful entrepreneur. But it’s important to remember that in that car the entrepreneur doesn’t go by himself. His work team goes with him and, therefore, also goes through all kinds of vicissitudes.

Being part of a startup is working in a privileged place, full of learning. The people that comprise it have more decision and intervention power than in any consolidated company, because everyone has the opportunity to do everything. Each person on the team can develop professionally, express themselves and reach important positions in less time than in an organization.

This means that the each one’s level of responsibility is higher, with a minimum margin of error, since in a startup the times are agile, and the results must be almost immediate. So, these venture ups and downs directly impact the mood, stress and well-being of the entire team. After a while, the balance left by this rhythm leads in a severe burn-out and talent loss.

Working in a startup isn’t for everyone. Those who decide to try it are passionate people who enjoy the challenge of exploring new ways to experiment and innovate. In general, neither the payment nor the benefits are sufficiently juicy, so it is their sense of adventure and trust in the entrepreneur that makes them continue.

We always admire entrepreneurs, but we must also admire their teams. They’re the engine, consolation, support and backup of the entrepreneur (or at least they try).

If you’re an entrepreneur, I invite you to train your team and give them the support they need. Searching for courses and workshops for you and your team will strengthen the project. No entrepreneur achieves his dreams alone. If you have a trained team with you to count on, you’re lucky. Don’t waste it.

Author’s Profile:

Karla Horton is a communications expert, excited to generate changes in the present that have a positive impact on the future. Karla is convinced that education and communication are essential tools to achieve social changes. Results-oriented and with a strong passion for sports, especially football.