Sylvia Sánchez Alcantara

Do you spend your time looking back, living in the past? An experience of failure leaves many negative feelings, and only by arming yourself with courage, you can take the firm step that is required to leave it behind.

Analyze that if you run away from everything new for fear of a new failure, and have been paralyzed for years in the same place, complaining about the same and without deciding to solve it. Remember that everyone builds their own destiny and is responsible for their actions and decisions.

If you don’t like something, bothers you or makes you suffer, the only thing that can take it out of the way and give you the opportunity to progress is your own self, by trusting you and your abilities. When you propose to finish what hurts you and work convinced, you’ll manage to change what makes you feel bad: a job, a partner or a bad habit.

Many times, we don’t move out of comfort, laziness or fear, and we don’t see that we are wasting wonderful opportunities that are presented to us. We prefer to complain and victimize without wanting to understand that change is in our hands. Change is leaving something known for something new, and it can cause insecurity, fear and anguish, when we’re not convinced of wanting to achieve it. When we understand that if we don’t risk we’ll never win, we’ll have the possibility of extracting the motivation required to make these changes.

By not wanting to assume our responsibilities, we’re able to give others some power over our lives and decisions, while deep down our attitude is conformist or of anticipated defeat. This way it will be impossible to progress and leave that place where we are stuck.

Climbing the first step, even if it’s small, is enough for everything to begin to change. Go ahead and climb it! You’ll enjoy the reward without any doubt. You can approach little by little to that set goal if you walk with courage and security. Design your plan to achieve it and seize each step you take, recognizing and learning from mistakes. If you’re wrong, rectify. If the results are not what you expected, try again. If you fall, stand up. You will be surprised at your ability, if you value your effort.

If you think that you can’t leave the person who hurts you because you can’t live without, or leave that mediocre job that prevents you from growing because you think you won’t get another, you’re annihilating everything you can get and deserve, since you don’t allow things you want to come to your life. When you feel you’re not capable, life doesn’t favor you or that you don’t deserve more, surely it will be so. What you need to focus on and work-on, is your self-esteem. The real enemy to overcome is your own mind.

We must know us to value ourselves, take care of ourselves, love and accept us, and you’ll see clearly what you deserve. If we don’t value ourselves, it’s impossible for us to value a couple, friends or work. Who’s not able to recognize themselves as valuable, lovable and respectable, will be destined not to be loved, respected nor valued.

Love begins with one. The only ever-lasting love is self-love that allows us to win instead of losing, to try again instead of giving up, to be brave instead of stopping, to do it instead of hesitating and enjoying instead of suffering.

Don’t wait any longer, and find it inside yourself!

When we analyze ourselves with love, instead of highlighting our shortcomings, we discover our strengths in order to move on and contrary to staying where we haven’t been able to find our dreams.

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Sylvia is a multi-award-winning communicator, publicist, lecturer and spokesperson for women’s rights in different national and international forums. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the strategy of comprehensive communication for Women’s Challenges, focused on the personal and professional growth of thousands of women, and the initiative Enough of violence against women, among others. From 2007 to date, it presents the “International Women’s Day” event at the CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara and from 2018, every year, in a different city, to cover the Mexican Republic. She is an ambassador for Vital Voices for her work promoting women’s rights.

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