Sylvia Sánchez Alcantara

You must take a trip – perhaps the best of all – to your interior. With departure date but with an open return, because the time to reach the depths of your inner-self will depend solely on you.

It’s a journey in which haste has no place. We’ll have to make many stops, as many as necessary, before concluding our journey. They’re fundamental stages that we must live if we want to get the best out of our existence.

Trust will be our first challenge, being the only way to project us as we want to be. This is where we must ask ourselves how big we want our dream to be, and how can we work to achieve it. From that moment we will start a wonderful game: that of our own life.

Throughout this wonderful journey, you’ll have to take daily tests. Some will be approved without major complication, but others will have to be repeated over and over until obtaining the desired outstanding mention. In such way, we’ll realize what our capabilities are, and how to work to get the best out of them.

In addition, we’ll discover where we’ve been wrong, and why we insisted on doing the same mistakes to suffer the same consequences. Throughout this stage, we’ll reach the clarity we need to face our interior.

Life is a mirror that projects what we are and that’s why the final stop is fundamental, because we’ll have to ask ourselves: What do we really want to see in order to feel good?

Dare to make that special trip!

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Sylvia is a multi-award-winning communicator, publicist, lecturer and spokesperson for women’s rights in different national and international forums. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the strategy of comprehensive communication for Women’s Challenges, focused on the personal and professional growth of thousands of women, and the initiative Enough of violence against women, among others. From 2007 to date, it presents the “International Women’s Day” event at the CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara and from 2018, every year, in a different city, to cover the Mexican Republic. She is an ambassador for Vital Voices for her work promoting women’s rights.

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