Sylvia Sánchez Alcantara

Woman without limits, without ties, enjoying every breath of freedom.

Woman without restrictions, full, always walking with her head held high, confronting fears, assuming challenges.

Woman without complex, bold, wrapped by a heart without brake, by a clear mind, by an iron soul.

Woman without covers, filled with emotions and feelings vibrating on the skin.

Woman of the 21st Century, defending her dreams, recovering her space, assimilating her reason for being.

Unique and unrepeatable women, embracing their spirit, sheltering their history, undressing without restraint each contained passion.

Women without limits who have written their success with blood, sweat and tears. Three elements without which it would have been impossible to transcend.

Nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort. The success must be suffered first  and tasted later on. Enjoy it intensely until you wear it out and with new energy, go out in pursuit of another dream.

Women without limits catching new opportunities; awakening hundreds of sensations to fight against adversity, boredom or a gray existence.

Untiring warriors putting at stake their talent to handle each crossroad, to weave unforgettable moments, to breathe, feel and live as only a woman without limits can do it!

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Sylvia is a multi-award-winning communicator, publicist, lecturer and spokesperson for women’s rights in different national and international forums. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the strategy of comprehensive communication for Women’s Challenges, focused on the personal and professional growth of thousands of women, and the initiative Enough of violence against women, among others. From 2007 to date, it presents the “International Women’s Day” event at the CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara and from 2018, every year, in a different city, to cover the Mexican Republic. She is an ambassador for Vital Voices for her work promoting women’s rights.

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