Nancy Salazar

No matter how hard we try to avoid failure, we sometimes run into him. Even the most successful people in the world are not exempt from difficulties and setbacks. The fact is that no one likes to fail, but failure, however, is inevitable. It is important to keep in mind that what matters more than failure is your ability to be resilient.

Chances are that you will encounter misfortunes and failures. Therefore, it is imperative to remember that failure is a standard part of life. Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new, as well as the initial step on the road to success.


Whether you’re a businesswoman facing the closure of your business or an employee facing career shortcomings, here’s how to save your career from the brink of failure.

  1. Acknowledge when the chances of success are low

It can sound a bit sad, but it is an unavoidable reality. It’s essential to know when to yield. Assign a realistic time lapse to improve or otherwise face defeat. When you´re failing at something, it´s preferable to stop wasting your effort and resources into it for the sake of tenacity or dedication. You need to know when to stop.

  1. Take control and put up with your mistakes

Take control of the situation and not the other way around. Acknowledge what went wrong and how you felt. Instead on blaming external factors like poor management or disorganization, be true on regards of the part you played. Admit what strengths you need to develop to move forward and succeed in your career.

  1. Learn from those who hang on and endure

Any successful businessman or businesswoman has overcome obstacles throughout their careers and consciously know the relevance of resilience.

For example, Akio Morita, Sony company cofounder, started his career producing rice cookers which burnt the rice. Evan Williams established Twitter after Odeo, his podcasts directory, became obsolete with the rise of iTunes. Henry Ford´s 2 first car companies broke, leaving him penniless.

  1. Leave your comfort zone

If you wish to see different results, don´t do the same things.

  1. Continuing education

Sometimes, we stop growing as professionals and in all honesty, we could even go back a little. But as you try new paths, you may realize that you need additional experience and knowledge to progress in your career. In addition, an external source can help inspire you to develop new skills. Remember that you do not have to obtain a formal degree from an institute. Instead, you can attend short courses, certification programs, seminars or online courses.

  1. Consider becoming a businesswoman

If you feel trapped in a role where your skills are not being taken advantage of, then consider starting a parallel business such as social media or a blog network. You can get a more satisfying position and – who knows? – lead you to a successful start-up that will eventually replace the job you’re currently in.

  1. Invest in social media

The growth of your online community can result in customers coming to you instead of you looking for customers. Also, people can start looking for you to talk about the latest opportunities. Your online activities can nurture a growing business for your company.

Stop blaming the external elements for the falls in your career and take full control of it. Take responsibility, learn and grow from your mistakes. Only then will you feel appreciated and fulfilled.


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