Isabel Rojo

2019 is here and January is the perfect time to design the path you want to take. If you already have a plan, excellent! If you haven’t already done so, take advantage of the start of the year to strategically think about what decisions to make. What proposals to say yes and no, without guilt or remorse.

The first great exercise to perform is an individual exercise. Although it may seem obvious, not many of us do it, while it compromises us and challenges us deeply. Answering who you want to be or what you want to do is harder than it seems. So much so that sometimes we take a shortcut answering what others expect from us. The challenge is to be honest and dare to be consistent with your desire, even if it gets out of the script.

Doing this exercise is fundamental because it will become your north and will help you decide how to manage your time, who can help you and what actions to take to get closer to your goal. No matter what your answer is, deciding to do something different from what you have done so far takes patience, time and being willing to try, fail, learn and move one step at a time.

At Dalia Empower we have designed an innovative educational proposal to help you recognize your passion and strengthen your inner power in order to reach your goals wherever you are, no matter how big or strange they may seem. We seek the perfect mix between theoretical knowledge, practical experience and the creative possibilities that are detonated when you share your dreams with other women, who like yourself, have the firm conviction to go further.

The Workshops, How-To and We Talk that we offer are carefully curated by our founders and advisors, who have observed global trends on gender equity and the future of work in forums such as W20, UN Women, Women’s Forum or the World Economic Forum, to design an innovative educational proposal that responds to the accelerated times we live in, where being a leader means being an agent of change that grows while improving the environment.

Here we share the offer we have created for you for the coming months:

Reinvent yourself! Switch to the private sector

Times have changed and institutions too. In order to achieve our goals, there’s no longer a single path that lasts a lifetime. Entrepreneurship, the private sector or freelancing are options that allow us to reinvent ourselves, test our skills and find new ways to reach our goal. With this program we help you make the jump for a smooth landing.

Conflict Management

Working on the distance, multigenerational, multi-gender and multicultural are some of the challenges we face more and more frequently in working life. To detonate the potential of a diverse team it’s necessary to understand the conflict in a positive and constructive way to transform the problems into opportunities.

Stress-free / Mindfulness in the office

The current demands of our lifestyle have caused the appearance of phenomena such as burn-out and have intensified depression or loss of meaning. This situation has escalated in recent years especially in the workplace, since according to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and mental illness are the leading cause of disability in the world.

At Dalia Empower we’re aware of this trend, which is why we have introduced the practice of mindfulness in the office as a tool to develop mental calmness and achieve a positive impact on the results of your daily work.

Women in Leadership

This is a laboratory in which women design their leadership style based on the challenges they face, as well as the new global trends of the future of work. In the courses ‘Leaders of the future’ and ‘Team management in times of change’; businesswomen, entrepreneurs and women who work in corporations redefine the rules to create new productive environments.


We’re starting the fourth generation of women who seek to transform their environment exercising an inclusive leadership that promote opportunities and improve the quality of life of people. This is a complete and intensive program that accompanies you from the beginning with a strengths’ evaluation, throughout a 78 hour journey in which you’ll strengthen your emotional and cultural intelligence, learn to learn for the future, develop creative thinking and discover how to negotiate in order to take your team to the next level.

Marketing and ideas workshop

Entrepreneurship is an adventure that tests all your abilities. In this workshop we help you design a brand that can position itself in the market, through marketing strategies that communicate effectively and manage to connect with your audience.

At Dalia Empower we have the tools you need to make 2019 a year of greater opportunities and new adventures with the support of mentors and experts who can help you design your way.

Be part of our community.

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