Isabel Rojo

What does it mean to have financial health? How can I enjoy my money today, ensuring my future? And more importantly, how does it affect or improve my life to be aware of my finances? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we are researching how to take care of our money and if possible, to get more out of it. To answer those questions we have interviewed Laurie Mendoza, financier, life coach and speaker of our next workshop “Get your financial security”, whom throughout her career has implemented projects in which finances, not only focused on money per se, are also a form of self-care.

As follows we share a fragment of the interview:

For some years I worked at Banamex Bank in the Wealth Management area, designing investment portfolios for Patrimonial and Private Banking clients. This experience allowed me to learn the benefits of increasing the value of money through investments, but above all, the importance of knowing oneself to define which investment portfolio is aligned with your way of being and your goals. In addition, I gave the workshop “The strength of being one”, giving participants the opportunity to know more about themselves as well as to make conscious changes in their professional and personal lives.

That’s how I discovered my passion for teaching and the potential to unite my knowledge of financial education with Coaching, to help people set goals and make changes in their lives.

Mixing both disciplines has allowed me to better understand the relationship of people with finances because in Life Coaching I focus on all aspects of the person; not only in their finances but their relationships, their interests and even their spirituality. If a person is not satisfied in one of the areas of their life, that affects all the others. If someone has problems with their finances, this affects their social and professional part, so having good finances is also having a satisfying life.

In the particular case of women, it’s important to know and exercise our own finances because as a result, they give independence. If we need other’s money, we feel tied and don’t live our maximum potential, in which our creativity and talent are our main tool to do what we want. For example, how many people we see who tolerate work or marriage relationships just because they depend on that income. Having financial freedom allows you to make conscious and strategic decisions; not motivated by fear.


This is important because the presence of women in the world of finance is recent. In the past, the provider and money administrator was the man. Women didn’t have to worry about financial issues. However, since gender roles began to balance and women have their own income, we must think about what to do with our money in the short and long terms.

In that sense, approaching finances means being aware of the future and taking care of oneself. Many people have a short-term mentality. As money arrives, it can be spent and squandered on unnecessary expenses, especially in a consumers’ society. For this reason, the reasons why we consider the value of financial health are usually:

  1. Have unforeseen economics and not having how to solve them.
  2. See the option of investing in something attractive and not having the funds to do it.
  3. Know examples of other people who have good finances and want to follow their example

Of these cases, the third is the best because it doesn’t require having gone through economic difficulties to know that we must take care of our money. Having the opportunity to listen and know how to lead a better financial life can help us get off on the right foot and draw a path with financial goals.

Living with financial health has many advantages, some of the most common are:

– Maintain or increase the value of your capital

– Be prepared for contingencies

– Improve the quality of life in the future

– Be independent

– Make decisions with greater ease

Therefore, in Dalia Empower we include Personal Finance as an essential skill for present-day women, who need to have control and projection of their finances to start up any type of project or initiative.

The objectives of this 5-hour course are:

– Create habits today that will prepare you for tomorrow.

– Balance the possibility of enjoying your money today and have future peace of mind.

– Bringing finances closer to anyone, so that they become aware that even the misuse of money is a financial exercise.

– Know how saving works and how it benefits you later, for retirement and what are the options there are.

– Know what investing is and how you can grow your money.

At the end of this course, you will be able to consciously reflect on your finances so that you know where you must make changes and how to make them, in order to convert them into habits that generate life transformations. If you want more information about this course, please contact: info@daliaempower.com

About Laurie Mendoza:

She worked for 4 years (2013-2016) in Citibanamex, where she facilitated the workshop “The Force of Being One”. It was certified by Senn Delaney, a cultural transformation company, and taught more than 20 workshops nationwide, with the purpose of promoting a new culture within the bank.

Laurie was certified as a Professional Coach in IPEC Coaching, one of the largest schools accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation). She currently has 2 certifications: Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).