Juan Alberto Gonzalez

It’s amazing to see how time flies by. It’s been 35 months since I was General Director at Microsoft Mexico, a wonderful journey of more than 22 years.

I’m at this moment enjoying, committed and with absolute confidence in what I’m doing today, and I’m excited about the future. No doubt I have managed to get out of my comfort zone. I recently read that the key to happiness is progress. I feel very happy with the advances and challenges that have been presented to me until now.

These months have been a whirlwind of experiences. Throughout this period, two very close friends died. Last year I was hospitalized due to a strange virus, and it was very serious. In the family aspect, we’re going through remarkable challenges. I started my own process of reinvention, venturing to do what I like the most: “Inspire people so they can give the best version of themselves”. I appreciate all the learning that I’m living and the opportunities that are being presented to me.

When I left Microsoft, it occurred to me to create a curriculum that I developed with great enthusiasm and commitment. I’m working with excellent coaches and mentors and at the same time, I attend courses in different academies. I have acquired a couple of certifications: one as a speaker, another as a high-performance coach. During this time, I’ve managed to launch three conferences and the workshop #DarLaMejorVersiónDeTi (ENG #GiveTheBestVersionOfYourself) with which I have impacted more than 50,000 people.

Together with my team I have compiled a portfolio of interesting clients, I continue with my high-performance coaching process and I keep abreast of trends and findings within the digital world to be able to soon launch online trainings. It’s indisputable that the results of high-performance people are proportional to the level of action they take in their lives. I identify with them and I love them. I reaffirm that there’s a long way to go.

Based on learnings, reflections and a revelation during a meditation session, the following question came to my mind: what would I do differently if I ever returned to corporate life? Interesting reflection since many clients and some entrepreneurs come frequently to ask me about my experience.

Throughout the next two entries, I will share what are the 5 things that I would do differently and why. For now, I’ll start with the first one:

1.- Obsession over customers. It’s said easy, however, in my previous responsibilities the enthusiasm and passion for our products made me great. Although the reality is that the order must be reversed. The priority is to develop a genuine interest in the needs of both clients and partners, then that of the products. What do your customers really need? It’s essential to obsess over building value proposals that are irresistible so that you meet and/or manage to exceed their needs. If I returned to corporate life, in my daily work meetings the question would reign: what do our partners and clients really want? This must be the star that guides the most important decisions in the business.

When was the last time you did a market research? A genuine exercise to listen to your customers?

– What actions did you take that improved the offer or the current proposals based on the study that was carried out?

How often do you meet with employees who are in front of your customers or in the call center? What do they say? What feedback do they give you? What can you do differently?

Who’s the people or models to follow in your organization who are doing an extraordinary job with your clients? How can you help them more? How can others learn from them?

When there are important internal conversations about your products and offers, what questions are asked? They ask themselves: what is the client really looking for?

After meeting customer expectations, it’s essential to analyze if they can be exceeded. If that possibility exists, it is time to do it.

What trainings are you providing your employees with, so they can work better? What’s the frequency of this training?

There are many things that we can question to improve and make a difference with customers, the secret is simple: Obsession over your customers. Complexity is the number one enemy of execution in organizations. I’m aware that there are companies and people with a lot of experience who understand better than me what I am saying, what’s your best practice? Share it!

Keep reading next week to learn the full story of what I would do if I returned to corporate life.


Juan Alberto González Esparza (Beto), Managing Director and Co-Founder of IRRADIATE MORE, is a leader of visionary thinking and an accomplished innovator in business. He has more than 25 years of experience inspiring positive changes in people, work teams and global organizations. His professional experience includes 23 years in senior positions with Microsoft as CEO for Peru and Colombia, the Andean Region and Mexico. He is currently vice president of ‘Fundación Ojos que Sienten’ and treasurer of the United States-Mexico Foundation. He holds the postgraduate Bench Program in Leadership, from the University of Wharton, and other certifications. He studied leadership at the Sloan Executive Education School of MIT and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Cybernetics and Computer Science from La Salle University in Mexico City. He’s certified by the SpeakEasyy school in San Francisco and has participated in INSEAD seminars in Paris.

If you want more information, follow him on @irradiatemore on Facebook and Instagram