Together we make the difference

Not another minute to wake up. It’s now or never. The time has come to make a stop on the road to understanding that alone, the possibility of growing and becoming better human beings is almost nil. We must learn to look at ourselves again. To feel that together we can transcend.

If we don’t understand that ‘going collectively’ is today’s biggest trend, we will be at a disadvantage to meet our goals, in this world that for many reasons has become so cold and so indifferent.

We’re so worried about reaching our own goals, that we often forget that shared they taste better. Two heads think better than one, imagine what we could do.

If we propose to unite ourselves for the same purposes. There’s no time to delay this magical moment. We must shake our egos, stop feeling more – or less – than others. Put aside the perception that “nobody’s capable of doing better than me”.

Say goodbye to self-distrust and accept that everyone’s talent sums greatly in our lives, and that’s what life is all about, adding, contributing, collaborating, valuing the capacity of both to enrich our environment and inherit a new way to a better world.

The time has come to spread amongst one another with the joy of living. It’s time to change the chip and leave behind old patterns which only leave us afraid and frustrated.

This post was originally posted at ‘Blog Retos Femeninos’


Sylvia is a multi-award-winning communicator, publicist, lecturer and spokesperson for women’s rights in different national and international forums. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the strategy of comprehensive communication for Women’s Challenges, focused on the personal and professional growth of thousands of women, and the initiative Enough of violence against women, among others. From 2007 to date, it presents the “International Women’s Day” event at the CDMX, Monterrey, and Guadalajara and from 2018, every year, in a different city, to cover the Mexican Republic. She is an ambassador for Vital Voices for her work promoting women’s rights.

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