Mujer y madre por elección

En estos tiempos donde se abre cada vez más la aspiración mundial en favor de la equidad de género, es fundamental volver a lo básico para definir referentes que le den contenido a la misma. …

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Women 360

How your body and verbal language affect the impact you have in the business world.


Balanced Life: a myth or a reality?

This beginning of 2019 I have become aware of growing concern in most people around me, either on a personal or professional level: how to achieve an adequate life balance? Although this question is not alien to my particular situation, …

  • Cristina Menchaca

I don't have time

“I don’t have time”. How many times a day does this sentence cross our minds? When someone invites us to the cinema, to participate in …

Woman without limits, without ties, enjoying every breath of freedom.

Woman without restrictions, full, always walking with her head held high, confronting fears, assuming challenges. …