Being a mom and a professional without dying in coffee and guilt

Motherhood took me by surprise and came at the same time as the start of my professional career. This led me to improvise my role as a mother, professional, wife and housewife, in which sometimes the results were not as favorable as I would have wanted. Looking at it in hindsight, I realize that then I did not see myself as I am today. It has taken me many years and learning to realize that professionally I can be everything I want and at the same time I can have a “stable” family, where the fullness of my children does not depend on the number of hours I spend with them.

2 marriages, 2 children, 9 jobs and 12 years later I realize that motherhood changes our lives and makes us more flexible, more adaptable, more aware, more empathetic, more skilled and stronger. But it also leaves us more tired, stressed, undecided and definitely more demanding with ourselves. When you are a mother, you think you must be able to do everything: the house, the children, the partner, parents, friends, social demands, health, etc. And we often forget ourselves. We do not realize that there is the key to “cope with everything”.

In this search and need to re-organize my life after an important work change, I decided to learn from the experience of other women in situations like mine, to confront my ideas and learn from the way in which other “skilled working mothers” organize themselves and manage to balance their personal and professional life. So, in collaboration with @MamáenConstrucción and @WomensTalk, I gave myself the task of applying an informal survey to 50 women who share this reality. In this process I discovered surprising answers that I will be sharing with you throughout the 3 following posts of this blog, with the intention of helping other moms that like me, not only work but are also jugglers.

Do you have any experience to share with us? We would love to integrate these findings. Write us!