78 hours to detonate your superpower. Welcome to the 2nd generation of the DNA Program

It is with great enthusiasm that we started the 2nd generation of the DNA program at Dalia. This group of women and men, ready to turn their lives around, came to Dalia Empower to give their first step into the more than 78 hoursprogram, where they’  ll spend focused on learning, reflecting, and acting.

The Academic Director, Alina Bassegoda, through a welcome speech congratulated everyone for daring to take the leap and participate in this intensive process of redefinition, creativity and change; in which they will discover, strengthen and apply the superpower that each one carries inside.

To take full advantage of this process of training and transformation, we encourage the exchange of experiences offered by the participants’ diversity and trigger the creation of effective networks throughout our Program.

This second generation is shaped of actresses, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, financiers, photographers, bankers, experts in administration, public relations, and human resources, among many other professions, skills and experiences.

superpoderes Dalia

The Dalia Experience

Over the next four months, this group of people will have special networking sessions and five modules focused on developing and strengthening leadership skills, negotiation, emotional and cultural intelligence, creativity and furthermore those needed to face the changes caused by an accelerated future.

In order to make the most of the journey for everyone; this personalized Program starts by identifying each participant’s talents, which throughout the process will be turned into personal and professional strengths.

In addition, we have developed a specialized methodology to accompany the individual and particular training of each member. The “advisory” that each participant receives, provides a space of work and personal reflection, to create an action plan focused on their strengths, as well as the planning of a life and career plan.

Upon completion of this process, the participants will have enhanced their skills, competencies, and reached a new level of self-confidence that will lead them to build new possibilities that will allow them to go further than they ever thought.