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Our mission

Our mission is to help you with knowledge

and “the power tools” so that you will be successful on your own terms. Get access to networks, mentors and high quality learning experiences with Dalia Circle.


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Group mentoring

Make sure you are on the right path with our experts to develop your leadership.

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On demand catalogue

Watch our masterclasses and e-classes whenever you want and how many times you want, to boost your career and your life, always being one step ahead.

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Exclusive events

Have up-close conversations with top-notch industry leaders.

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Networking and community

Create relationships with women who have the same goal as you and are charting their path to success.

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Discounts on brands, services and travel platforms.

Our membership

Connect with a network of women leaders

Create a personal council of advisors and learn with our training to grow as a leader.

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They have the voice

Stories of Success

they have lived a metamorphosis and achieved what they are looking for.


Maribel Monterrubio

Since I was a little girl I had the dream of transforming my country, I really wanted to contribute and do something that would really make a difference and through Dalia Empower I discovered how.


Marión Ormeño

I invite all the people who are like I was at one point with a dream to dare and go out and find in Dalia the tools that they feel they need to be able to successfully develop a project.


Teresa Zorrilla

Being inspired by other women, learning through their experiences, understanding and hearing that they have been through the same things that you have, is priceless.


Fabiola Ortíz

Not only did my colleagues from the program become my friends, but they are a key part of the strategic alliances that my companies have today.


Guadalupe Rincón

The DNA program helped me realize many things that I needed and many things that I had but hadn't noticed.


Laura Elena

It helped me in a personal way, it also gave me tools to be able to talk in the same way with my children and with my husband, who is also an entrepreneur.

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A global project of continuing education that supports women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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