Entrepreneurship and Creativity Bootcamp

Marketing and Ideas Workshop

Entrepreneurship and Creativity Bootcamp

Marketing and Ideas Workshop

Dalia Empower created the Bootcamp for entrepreneurship and creativity, to strengthen your business idea.

The Marketing and Ideas Workshop is the first course of this program. It is focused on developing the value proposition of your company. With this personalized and practical course, you will learn to develop an effective marketing strategy that reflects the essence of your brand and achieves business results.

When you sign up, another member of your team will be able to participate in the Workshop at no extra cost.

5 sessions

28 hours

Hourly investment

Total investment $19,800

When do we start?

Coming soon

What do you get from the Workshop?

  • Your business’ value proposition

  • Develop a marketing plan

  • Build your brand and brand experience

  • Identify your customers

What topics are covered?

WIthout a client there’s no business: identify your audience

Your vaue proposition

Build your brand

Define your brand experience

Launch your marketing plan


Andrea Lobo

Trendwatcher, specialist in the Human-Centered approach and founding partner of Business as Unusual

Ivan Babic

Innovation partner and founder of Business as Unusual

Miguel Torres

Director of Marketing at CENTRO

What is included?

  • 5 modules of 5 hours each.

  • 3 individual coaching sessions for each entrepreneur.

  • Special networking sessions.

  • Each entrepreneur who enrolls in the program can bring a member of their team to each session, at no extra cost.