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Our History

Current Reality

"Today women suffer inequality, lack of recognition of insecurity"

When Gina created the Diarq group, recruiting people and developing teams, she realized that traditional universities only taught hardskills and that recent graduates did not know how to work within a company due to a lack of lifeskills.

She said "Education is the basis of development and people are not prepared for the professional world", so she decided to found the “Universidad Centro” (Centro University), focused on careers in creative areas but with strong business training.

She constantly saw that women didn’t receive the same professional opportunities by not recognizing their work and this caused them to doubt their own professional and personal value.

She has dedicated much of her time to breaking the status quo by creating initiatives that promote the professional development of women. This constant fight for equity and inclusion has led her to be the representative of Mexico before the W20, the Empower initiative of the G20.

The Beginning

Dalia Empower

Adding her career in business and education, she creates Dalia Empower.
Since then, it has had the mission of helping women by implementing its methodology to create a positive impact, generating opportunities for growth and professional development thanks to the mastery of lifeskills development.

We achieve a transformative effect on women
We accompany them in their metamorphosis to meet their professional goals and create valuable connections that allow them to get where they want to get.

We Are

A correct approach to growth.

A space of transformation.

A community that grows and helps growing.

A positive impact for your life.

If you want to change the course of your life, your career, your entrepreneurship or your personal project, DALIA EMPOWER can help you experience your metamorphosis.

Why Join Us?

What do you Get?

  • You will discover skills you already have but you are not aware of having.
  • You will develop new skills.
  • You will live real experiences of leaders of the professional and media world.
  • You will create valuable connections that will create a multiplier effect in your learning and in your career.
  • You will have access and feel supported by experts and mentors who help you make decisions.
  • You will discover the power of the group and you will be part of Dalia Circle.
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A global project of continuing education that supports women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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