Failed on your Personal Relationships?

When facing a successful woman, it’s difficult to think she may be missing something. But sometimes reality is very distant, since it hasn’t achieved the balance of life so necessary to feel fullness and happiness. The balance in professional and personal life is a challenge faced by all women, without realizing that an unbalanced life can be detrimental to health and increase stress.

A successful woman is normally seen as full, secure, powerful, and we rarely stop to think if this impacting image with which she walks so securely in all scenarios, is different of when she closes her office door. Be surprised! There are many successful women who day by day are surrounded by people who praise them, and at night they sleep alone in their room or next to a couple with whom there is no communication. Why?

Reasons are so many, but the most important is that these outstanding professionals have forgotten to feed the most important relationship in their lives, the one that ignites the motor of their desires and their emotions, the one that drives them and motivates them to choose with whom to share the special moments, unique, unrepeatable, and is nothing less than the relationship with themselves.

If you’re not in empathy with yourself, it’s very difficult for you to establish a successful relationship, and to achieve it, it’s imperative to take the first step: accept your responsibility. Ask yourself: where have you failed?, What if your professional performance is an honorable mention, in your personal relationships always disapproved ? Good relationships with friends, a partner and family are stress shock absorbers. Don’t displace them; When organizing your time, there should always be room for them.

Clearly define what are the most important things in your life and have them as priorities. When it is clear what is important, many things are organized, such as time. Your body is fundamental, don’t forget it. Try to comply with the basics: sleep well, eat healthy, exercise, even walk. A body without vigor cannot be willing to face the challenges that arise, both at work and in life.

Remember: If you’re well, everything is aligned for your well-being and you’ll succeed in bringing that success to your personal life.

This post was originally posted on the ‘Retos Femeninos’ blog


Sylvia is a multi-award-winning communicator, publicist, lecturer and spokesperson for women’s rights in different national and international forums. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the strategy of comprehensive communication for Women’s Challenges, focused on the personal and professional growth of thousands of women, and on the Enough of violence against women initiative, among others. From 2007 to date, she presents the “International Women’s Day” event at the CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara and from 2018, every year, in a different city, to cover the Mexican Republic. She is an ambassador for Vital Voices for her work promoting women’s rights.

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